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Original Event From: 08/15/2017 04:57 PM
Event is complete. Power was restored in HAB just after 2PM. Restart of non-prod environments completed by approx. 9:30 pm.
Planned power outage for Henry Administration Building (HAB)
Summary of Work:
		Power will be taken down in HAB between approx. 8AM and 2PM to allow electricians to upgrade switchgear equipment.  F&S is also taking this opportunity to test the HAB generator disconnect for the data centers.
Impacted Audience:
Clients of services running in HAB
Impact of Work:
		Services running from datacenters in HAB will be unavailable for this event.  Several non-production services will be taken down after 8PM on Friday to prepare for this event.  Servers and networking equipment running from HAB datacenters will be taken down starting at 6AM Saturday.
Event Start:
08/19/2017 06:00 AM
Event End:
08/19/2017 02:00 PM
Affected Systems/Services:
AITS supported wireless access for HAB, HAB Administrative Network, HAB Datacenter, Non-Production AITS Linux Servers, Non-Production AITS Solaris Servers, Non-Production AITS Windows Servers
Affected Campus: